Elder horses and ponies

Sometimes, a horse life has been very intensive. Think of a sport horse that has raced the Grand Prix dressage up to the age of 16, or may have been active as a jumping horse. Fortunately, at many stables, the ‘old ones’ still get to have a nice place to spend their days together with their ones of the same kind. Just like in their younger and more active years, the elder horses need special attention regarding their care, food and housing.


Because of less exercise of the horse, it will also need less concentrate. A good feed analysis is very important in this stage. With ageing, proteins become more essential in the dietary pattern. Their body needs these substances to remain their muscle building.

Just like people, elder animals get to deal with joint wear, for example arthrosis.

By greasing the joints, the horse will move more easily and further decay is often reduced to a minimum. In case of a lot of problems with a horse, a liquid product like Equi Flex HA can be chosen. This liquid variant will be absorbed faster by the body so the result will be visible faster. An alternative is the product in powder form: Equi Mobility Plus. A little cheaper in use and therefore more friendly to your wallet. 




The resistance of elder horses will reduce fast. They are therefore more sensible to diseases and coat changes. Especially the treatment of dull hair can sometimes take a considerable amount of time. By providing Flaxseed oil, your horse will start to shine from the inside out again. An alternative might be Prominent. Prominent is also referred to as the oil from the engine of the horse because this supports the horse on all fronts!



It is logical to think that old horses should move less. However, exercise is the best! Of course the horse should not be overloaded, but grazing and fresh air are very important.
And especially for elder horses they prefer to enjoy THE GOOD OLD DAYS easy and relaxed. To make this even more fun, you can easily add fun toys in the pasture or stable.

Linseed oil is available in many varieties.  But what is good and what is not?  Research shows that only the first COLD pressing of linseed oil keeps all natural ingredients remained. This variety of Linseed oil has a better effect on your horse. Also ask for this variety : COLD PRESSED LINSEED OIL!


For the support of the digestive system, bowel function and skin- and coat care.  Linseed Oil contains a high amount of essential  Omega 3 fatty acids for a n optimal bowel function and healthy digestion. It supports the skind and the coat will become a beautiful shine.

Quality = Excellent!