Vitasporal Sport


Provides optimal energy and supports recovery in sport horses.

As a rider, you want you and your horse to perform optimally during competitions. With the right support, you not only ensure that your horse has more energy during competitions, but also recovers faster afterwards. We have developed Vitasporal Sport especially for this purpose.

Difference between Vitasporal Sport and Vitasporal

Vitasporal Sport is similar to our well-known Vitasporal, but has 2 distinct differences:

  • Vitasporal Sport has a higher amount of vitamin A and vitamin D3, to support your horse even better.
  • Vitasporal Sport has a yellowish colour instead of an orange/red colour, as this formula does not contain beta-carotene. Vitasporal Sport does not produce coloured foam in your horse's mouth.

Optimal energy through gradual release

Vitasporal Sport, like Vitasporal, provides a gradual release of energy. Both products contain specific ingredients that provide fast, medium and slow energy release. This gradually gives your horse extra energy for hours.

Vitasporal Sport contains dextrose for fast energy release, vegetable oils for medium energy release and vegetable fats for slow energy release. It also contains propylene glycol for stable and even energy release and helps stabilise highs and lows in energy levels. Calcium chloride is important for muscle contractions and overall muscle health. It also helps with fatigue and muscle cramps.

Schematically, this looks as follows:

Optimal performance and recovery

Vitasporal Sport contains several vitamins and an amino acid in addition to ingredients for energy release. Together, vitamin A, vitamin D3, niacinamide, vitamin E, vitamin B2 and lysine (HCL) support your horse's overall health, immune system and muscle development. They also contribute to quick recovery after competition.