Horkans' Success Story

Attract loyal customers by differentiating products with your Private Label

In a recent interview with Marvin Goddard, Purchasing Manager at Horkans Petworld, we explored the journey of Horkans’ integration of private label products from Holland Animal Care. As a prominent player in both Pet & Garden industry, Horkans has embraced the concept of private labeling to offer their own unique products to their customers. Let's delve into Marvin's insights on their experience and the benefits that they have gained from private labels.

Who is Horkans?
In response to questions about Horkans and its services, Marvin shared; ‘’Horkans is a family-owned business that began as a garden center in Castlebar, Ireland. Over the years, we expanded our operations and now have three companies under the Horkans umbrella: Garden Centers, Pet World, and Pet food Depots. With a team of 150 dedicated employees, we strive to provide support and expertise to our customers in both Pet and Garden sectors.’’.

A visit started their Private Label journey
When asked about their decision to start private labeling, Marvin highlighted their visit to Holland Animal Care in 2020. ‘’We were excited when we saw the facilities and production processes at Holland Animal Care. Even seeing how close-knit the teams were helped with our decision.

To say the least, our visit played a crucial role in triggering our interest in private label products.’’.

Positive reactions
To give us an insight into the response from the team to Private Labels Marvin enthusiastically shared; ‘’The team absolutely loved the introduction of private label products! They really got behind it from the get-go. With the training manuals and support from Holland Animal Care, our team quickly grasped the value and the benefits of having private label products.’’

Customers also got behind the choice of private label products. Marvin believes that this was enhanced by the enthusiasm of their team. He stated; ‘’People can easily get the sense that this is something that the team is passionate about and that just really helped bring everything together.’’.

More sales and customer engagement
The private labels were created to be Horkans’ own home branded product.

Marvin commented that this gave their staff an incentive to sell it. Marvin said: ’It was easier for them to get behind it. The creative touch of the graphic design team at Holland Animal Care and the work of our own Marketing team at Horkans really created products that stand out on the shelves. The products explained themselves. So you didn’t need somebody there to sell them for you.’’.

Favorite project due to the collaborating experience
When asked about the experience of collaborating with Holland Animal Care Marvin replied; ‘’I couldn't put a fault to anything that happened during the whole process. The team of Holland Animal Care was incredibly supportive. From their Export Manager explaining the products, to the pricing structure and the graphic design team, it was absolutely fantastic. It was a very enjoyable project to work on. The relationship and work ethic from Holland Animal Care is both very professional & informative.".

Support with international regulation
Marvin also mentioned that during the process they had some concerns about hemp products. They brought these questions up with the quality control department of Holland Animal Care. When asked about this, Marvin emphasized, ‘’Everything was thoroughly checked and verified by their team before we went ahead with the products.’’.

Addressing their overall experience with navigating international regulations, Marvin replies, ‘’Every step of the way, from start to finish. We were guided and supported by the quality control team.’’.

Customers come back for the products
When asked about the benefits of selling a private label compared to selling an established brand Marvin answered; ‘’It's our own brand. We have a lot of freedom around owning our own brand and in terms of what we can do with it and we can bring it to new levels. Also, you can set your own price structures and margins, that's a huge benefit to us.’’.

Marvin noticed that it is easier reselling the products since it’s their own brand. Customers will come back to their stores instead of looking for the product at another store that offer huge discounts or low prices. Marvin also said: ‘’The quality of the products is fantastic. It’s our own unique product that customers will always come back to us for. They're repeat purchasing all the time because the product just works.’’.

Definitely expanding in the future
When asked about future opportunities, Marvin expressed excitement about expanding their private label assortment. ''We would love to introduce more products, particularly in the grooming range. Holland Animal Care is always sourcing out unique and innovative products.’’.

Horkans successfully integrated private label products from Holland Animal Care, experiencing amazing results. Their staff and customers enthusiastically embraced the concept.

Horkans looks forward to expanding their private label assortment with Holland Animal Care, bringing more innovative products to their customers.

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