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Who is Hofman Animal Care?

With more than 35 years of experience, an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team and a passion for animal Twente-based family business Hofman Animal Care is a reliable partner in the animal industry.

Discover more than 8,000 products in our range, meet our expert account managers and inside sales and stay up to date with the latest (product) developments!

Together, we make sure your range is always relevant and up-to-date!

This is what we stand for:
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    Mission: Improving animal welfare and happiness of animal owners worldwide.

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    Vision: Developing innovative and sustainable products, with animal health and welfare at the centre.

I want to be a partner!

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Core values


By continuously monitoring market trends and developments and combining them with the needs of our customers and partners, we create relevant products that seamlessly match market demands.



Sustainability is no longer desired, but necessary. Eco-friendly packaging, formulas with as few environmentally harmful substances as possible and conscious use of raw materials play an important role here.


We work closely with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers.Our shared passion for animals brings us together and ensures that we continuously help each other to grow and develop ourselves.


As a manufacturer, everything revolves around the safety of our formulas. These products are developed to enhance animal welfare and must be 100% safe for animals and humans.


We are very committed to the planet and animal welfare. We are committed to sustainable operations and are actively reducing our carbon footprint.

This is how it all started


Back to 1987

Gerbert and Hilda Hofman took over Lieve's / Polypharm and continued under the name Hofman - Lieve's veterinary medicines.

How it began

It started with one bus full of veterinary medicines with which Gerbert Hofman visited various markets to sell the products. Hilda Hofman dealt with the bookkeeping. In the evenings, products were packed from storage in the basement and then shipped to customers.




Gerbert expanded the number of areas and hired employees responsible for a specific area so that Gerbert could continue to expand. Each employee visited farmers with their own bus to supply them with agricultural products.

The first premises

In 1995, Gerbert and Hilda moved from a home-based business to Enter, where the first real business premises were purchased. Here, two other companies were established, namely Vet Animal Care (then known as VTP for DAP) and Holland Animal Care (then known as Holland Veterinaire Producten HVP).




Business was going well, and more and more agricultural stores, veterinarians, equestrian shops, pet stores, and other clients found our company and wanted to use our products to improve animal health. As a result, the company moved to Rijssen, where they had a large new building with a warehouse constructed. This building was expanded in 4 different phases over the years.

Ready for international

Gerbert and Hilda's son, Arjan, joined the company and was mainly involved in building websites. These websites attracted many new customers and helped the company expand further, including abroad. The name was changed from Hofman - Lieve's veterinary products to Hofman Animal Care, so the company was ready for the international market.



Exports in 40 countries

At a time when more and more farmers were moving abroad, Hofman Animal Care started to focus on exports in addition to the national market. Meanwhile, Hofman Animal Care serves more than 40 countries worldwide.

New premises

On 19 February 2019, the current premises in Enter were completed. From these premises, we work together daily to improve animal welfare worldwide. Curious? Watch the construction video of our new building!


Into the future together

As a modest family business started in 1987, we have experienced impressive growth over the years.

With a team of more than 100 dedicated employees, we have achieved many milestones and celebrated successes.

Recently, we jointly celebrated the Open Business Day Award with a delicious piece of cake each on our plate.

This is a moment we look back on with pride. Together, we continue to build a promising future!